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As Pietree is providing the best PHP Web Development Services in Kolkata, our PHP Web Development Specialist notes down your requirements and sets goals for the projects along with the timelines.

For what reason Should You Use PHP for your Website?

We’re sure to keep in mind the project costs to a minimum while also ensuring to deliver greater than expected results for your website or web application.

Low Development Costs

Since PHP is an open-source framework our reliance on external parties is very limited. If we see any issue with the framework we can adapt it to suit our needs without the intervention of other parties.

Mature Framework

The PHP website development framework has been in use for more than two decades. As such, it has been thoroughly tested and tried by multiple organizations of varying sizes. There is also a strong support group for the framework.

Multiple Databases

PHP provides support for multiple databases meaning you have a vast array of resources to pull from when we are working on our web development services. It also provides support to multiple servers so you don’t have issues with using Apache or Microsoft IIS.

Easy To Adapt

PHP uses minimal coding to run complex problems. The code can also be edited fairly quickly once any issues in production are found. This allows you to have a great sense of control over the website.


It is perhaps the most gotten method of creating sites and web applications; as it has a security layer to ensure against infections and dangers.


PHP utilizes its own memory, so the responsibility of the worker and stacking time gets decreased naturally, which results into the quicker handling speed.

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PHP Based Website Design Modules

The next stages involve designing the layouts as per the brief and sharing final mockups and getting them approved before moving on to the development process. Functionality testing of the product is also done at this stage.

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Blogging Website

Landing Page Design

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