Five crucial (yet underestimated) website development practices

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  • June 12,19

The world is shrinking digitally with each passing year. Websites have gained a wide popularity in the last few years owing to their user engagement. However, with so much competition, it is has now become increasingly difficult to offer something unique and valuable to the user. Quality of content surely plays a major role in forging a strong impression onto the visitor, it is however the website in itself that can make or break the impression. In this post, we will outline the five trending website development practices that have skyrocket in last couple of years.

Your website needs to load fast and faster than your competitors, plain and simple. And this is where AMP i.e. Accelerated Mobile Pages comes into the picture. With the help of AMP, a webpage can be rendered in quicker span of time which allows the user to access it with minimal internet speed.
AMP came into existence as people started using smartphones and tablets (more than laptops) to access information on the web.

Chat bots are one of the finest inclusions in website development. Not only are they intuitive but they are also user engaging. Imagine a user coming to your website and enquiring general questions? In the absence of a customer care executive, you are likely to lose out on such customers. This is where Chatbots are extremely useful. They can be configured to provide relevant answers to some of the prominent questions from the users which will help in attracting more leads during the off time.

3.Motion UI:
MotionUIlooks good on certain type of websites. For e.g., a good welcoming message is likely to allow more user engagements. However, keeping it balanced is the key. A lot of websites unnecessarily overdo which not only makes the website sluggish for most users but also increase the page loading time and thereby hurts in the SEO.

4.Fast Loading time:
Three to four seconds is the average web page loading time. However, keeping the time limit within such range is highly difficult when there are images and other functionalities on the website. Although, there are methods to take care of this issue at later stages, our team at PieTreeTech recommends to keep this concern in mind while building a website.

5.Seo- Friendly:
SEO is imperative for digital marketing these days. Every website development needs to be coherent with the SEO- friendly practices such as light design and faster page loading.

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