Why the right website design and development is important for your SEO?

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  • July 2nd,19

Search Engine Optimization has completely changed the way of online marketing. The power dynamics has now shifted towards Google and other search engines for ranking a website. While a cumulative process of On Page and Off Page SEO works hand in hand, there are few prerequisites for an effective SEO campaign, which depends solely on website design and development. In this post, we will look to understand the importance of those parameters. Stay tuned!

1.Website design:
Rich color combinations not only catch the eye of the visitor but also reduces the bounce rate, a key factor which improves the SEO of your website. The design also need to be light weight in order to allow faster page loading time.
Although there are ways to reduce the images, java and other font files through Google webmaster, the process is tedious and does not result effective results immediately. It also poses the risk of downregulating the appeal of your website which can cost you a substantial traffic. This is why it is imperative to take care of website design for SEO (in the later stages) right from the word go.

2.Website development:
SEO is all about user experience. Even if all the odds are against your website, search engines like Google takes into account the User experience. Options like breadcrumbs, proper site structure can increase user engagement beyond expectations which may force Google to rank up your website, even though the website may not satisfy tons of other SEO parameters.
Web development in WordPress is highly suitable for SEO. The faster page loading times along with plugins (which provide SEO) can easily promote SEO of your website is an affordable capacity.
One of the biggest issues for low rankings is the inability of the crawlers to index specific URLs of your website. This can be due to improper site structure. Content should be geared towards text rather than images, flashes and video. The functionalities should also output the results in a speedy manner, which solely depends on an efficient database.

3.Mobile friendly:
If you are developing your website on platform other than the WordPress, then you need to get it mobile friendly right from the word go. More than half of the traffic is now coming from smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. Adjusting the page layout, images and content on to the different aspect ratio (according to the device) is not everyone’s cup of tea. Needless to say, this aspect needs to be take care of right from the beginning.

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