Our CodeIgnitor
Web Development Setup

CodeIgnitor Team

As with all other processes at Pietree our fundamentals of doing the best web development work with the Codeignitor PHP framework is to hire the best people that specialise in Codeignitor. They are handpicked to ensure that you receive the best affordable web development services.

Strong Security

Codeignitor is built around a solid PHP framework, the basis of which is to provide multiple security layers to your website and applications. Multiple tests, done on 4 vulnerabilities such as XXS, SQL injection, enumeration, and remote execution have shown that Codeignitor offers a lot in terms of security.

Small Footprint Framework

If you’re looking for speed above all else, we highly recommend using the Codeignitor PHP framework. Not only does it take up a small amount of space on your servers, the memory and server usage is also typically low for Codeignitor applications.

Support & Maintenance

PieTree is committed to providing the best support and maintenance for the web apps it develop. We’ve built a reputation for building web apps that don’t require maintenance and the ease of processes ensures no tech support is required. However, we’re always here for you.

Why Use Codeignitor

Faster Configuration


Developing web applications on Codeignitor is quicker, and simpler as the vast arrays of development tools such as libraries, databases, data validation have already been tried and tested in the Codeignitor framework.

Lower Coding Requirements


Codeignitor has a vast library of code already installed which reduces redundancies and makes it faster to develop the web application you need. Both you and we benefit as the time to market for your application is drastically reduced on using Codeignitor.

Added Security Layers


As we’ve already mentioned Codeignitor has one of the best in class security features available amongst the PHP frameworks. Developers can build these security features in your app to ensure protection during both input and output filtering.

Mature Framework


Being one of the oldest frameworks Codeignitor has a really large community of developers that help support it. There is ample documentation available for its use and support. It is also one of the most reliable frameworks making it a top choice for web development companies.

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