Five reasons to build your website on WordPress instead on HTML

  • Pietree
  • Coding
  • September 12,19

According to a reputed research, it is mind boggling to know that nearly 54% of businesses do not have their website. The cost of web development has come down significantly over the period of year and this is mainly due to the evolution of web development platforms like WordPress. Gone are the days when HTML is needed for your website development. Working on HTML is not only expensive but also restricts a ton of customization and convenience. In this post, we will give you five reasons to choose WordPress for building your website rather than HTML.

1. Save expenses:
You can choose to save a lot of expenses by choosing WordPress. The average cost for hiring a HTML or PHP developer costs around $2,000 to $25,000. WordPress platform is perfect for startups, and small to medium enterprises.

When it comes to creating functionalities and layouts, there is plethora of options available on WordPress. While most of options are readily available, the complex functionalities can easily be coded by a skilled WordPress developer. Needless to say, but WordPress allows to create virtually any kind of website.

3.SEO – Friendly:
SEO is gaining a wide importance for online marketing. It is the On Page work that can be hard to implement for an average user for non-WordPress platforms. There are tons of WordPress plugins that easily takes care of such problems. Yoast, a popular plugin, provides some powerful suggestions for creating an SEO-friendly content. If you want to avoid the hefty cost of timely SEO, a WordPress website can help you do that.

4.No need of a middle man:
Unless you have created functionalities with the code, there is literally no need a middleman for simple maintenance of your website. A WordPress website has functionalities that likely requires a couple of mouse clicks at the best. No need of getting into the complex codes and making changes there. However, for functionalities that were manually created, you would probably require a developer, but the low cost is worth it.

5.Starting your website in minutes:
Do you remember the days when your website would take days, if not months to be built on a particular platform? With WordPress, most of the functionalities are preinstalled and therefore simple websites can easily be set up within minutes of buying the domain name and hosting provider.

Finding the affordable website development company
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