Which software to choose for the graphic design?

  • Pietree
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  • June 28,19

It’s a common dilemma for most clients to choose a particular design software for their projects. After all, the remuneration for working on every design software is different. This post is intended to highlight the instances when a particular software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator should be used for a project. Stay Tuned!

1.For printing materials:
If you require cards, or pamphlets, ads, newsletters, business cards to be printed for your work, then Adobe Design is your best bet.Adobe InDesign is perfect for multi-page layouts where text, photos and artwork dominates mostly. The functionality of text wrap is easier to use in InDesign than in Illustrator. Another thing that InDesign allows is creating files that are much smaller in size compared to the ones created in Illustrator and Photoshop. There are however no photo editing capabilities in Adobe InDesign.

2.The frame tool:
The frame tool is a whole new feature that allows any shape to be converted into the frame. This can be done by right clicking the shape from the contextual menu in the layer’s panel. More importantly, even the text layer can now be converted into the framein which images can be inserted with ease. This functionality wasn’t available in the previous versions.

3.Blend mode previews:
Now it is easier to preview every changes by rolling over it before applying it. The different blend modes can produce a variety of effects and this is why previewing them makes it time efficient and convenient to see the changes before applying them fully.

4.Undo (Ctrl-Z):
The previous versionsdid not have feasible undo options unlike the CC 2019 version. The Ctrl-Z option will undo the changes just like every Windows program. The ability to toggle the previous changes (just like in the previous versions) is still there by holding the alt/option.

5.Brush Symmetry:
The Photoshop CC 2019 now allows you to mirror brush the strokes across a given area. It also helps that there is now amore sophisticated animated window that gives a clear idea about the functionality of each tool.

6.New home button:
This button is easily accessible even when no window is open or even when existing Photoshop windows are open. This allows the recent files to be accessed more easily. There is also an option to disable it if the user wants.

7.Maintaining the original proportions:
In the earlier versions, the shift button needed to be hold in order to maintain the original proportions. No longer now. In fact, holding the shift button will transform the selected object non- proportionally. It is also worthy to note that this change is only applicable in Photoshop and not in Adobe design and Adobe Illustrator.

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