5 parameters to consider while choosing between
Java and Electron for Desktop Applications

  • Pietree
  • Coding
  • August 8,19

There was a time when the desktop applications enjoyed the lion’s share of market. Then came the era of web applications in order to provide more connectivity through the internet. The last decade saw a massive surge in mobile applications whereas the trend is now shifting back to Desktop application again. Java and Electron are the widely popular platforms for building the desktop applications. In this post, we will highlight five important criteria for choosing between the two. Stay Tuned!

1. User interface:
Electron uses Node.js as well as Chromium in order to create desktop applications. A lot of popular applications are built with it such as Visual Studio Code, Github Desktop. However, its downside is that the CPU consumption is often high. It however allows for cross platform functionality.
Java especially JavaFX and Swing on the other hand are although new, but gaining popularity. Both offers cross platform functionality and offers sleek UI.

Migrating the application will usually not cause any problem related to data security in case of Electron.This is because the data will stay onto the local system. Java on the other hand might use cloud for back up or for storing some parts of the data. Security wise, we prefer Electron over Java for creating Desktop Applications.

Since JavaFX comes bundled with JRE installer, therefore it can be quite heavy. However, when talking solely on the basis of performance, Electron outweighs Java massively. Having a single code base allows Electron to be much faster.

4. Community:
Both have large online presence and community and therefore issues and conflicts can be discussed with several likeminded individuals. Java has been online since 1995 whereas Electron has gained massive user base only in the last couple of years.

Choosing between Electron and Java for Desktop Applications
When it comes to creating the web applications, factors like deployment, cross platform functionality, speed, security and performance needs to be considered. If you are contemplating to build a reputed desktop application, then both Java and Electron offers pros (and cons too). However, choosing between the two can be tricky and this is why we recommend to call us at +91 8884708110. To view our portfolio, visit our website here.