Choosing between Magento and WordPress for an Ecommerce website

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  • July 7,19

There is no question about the versatility of the WordPress platform. However, when it comes to integrating an e-commerce functionality, things might not be pretty straightforward for the website owners when it comes to choosing the appropriate platform. This post is intended to highlight the pros and cons of both WordPress and Magento that will help you in choosing the appropriate one for your purpose.

WordPress is the best CMS available, however when it comes to E-commerce, Magento outweighs it by a little margin. Magento is purely devoted to E-commerce. The same E-commerce functionality (and ease) can also be incorporated into any WordPress theme with the help of numerous third party plugins. A WordPress developer would also be needed in order to create some trending functionalities which are highly used in websites like Amazon, Flipkart and Alibaba.

Both WordPress and Magento allows for customization. However, Magento easily allows for multi-store management, mobile commerce marketing, generating reports and lots of essential management tools.

WordPress usually does not enjoy favorable opinions when it comes to security. Magento on the other hand enjoys tremendous security even when the third party plugins are added into it. At PieTreeTech, we highly recommend our clients to allow for more security than convenience, especially for an E-Commerce website.

4.Multiple payment gateways :
Adding multiple payment gateways in different languages (which is likely the need for an E-commerce website) is painful task in the WordPress, whereas Magento easily caters to this functionality.

Magento is likely to consume more money out of your pocket than the WordPress platform. However, with money, comes strong security, top notch functionalities which allows for great user experience. If you believe that user experience is paramount to the success of your business, we highly recommend choosing Magento for your e-commerce business than WordPress.

There is a strong support for both communities and hence you need not to hesitate while selecting any of the two platforms. Both paid and free versions are available for Magento, however, in both the scenarios, you will likely need a skilled developer in order to customize according to your bespoken requirements.

The verdict?
If your e-commerce website is likely to have thousands of products with multiple payment gateway options, then Magento should be your preferred choice. Still having dilemma about choosing between the two, give us a call at +91 8884708110.

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